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Exclusive 6-Week Research & Mentorship Program

Here at the Computational Problem Solving Institute, our students are aspiring scientists, inventors, makers, and leaders in their field. Our mission is to provide unique and cutting-edge research projects to your child, and equip them with the skills necessary to achieve their full potential. Only the best teach your children: our network of top scholars from prestigious American universities and research labs is designed to expose your child to the frontiers of science research.

In this Research & Mentorship Program which provides learning support by tutors over a 6-week period, students will learn about timely and relevant topics ranging from augmented reality to solar energy conservation and digital currency by studying under the experts who are advancing these fields.

By investigating new research methods, digging into data analysis, and looking for the answers to pressing questions in interdisciplinary ways, students will emerge from our program as inspired learners and researchers, ready to take on the challenges of this century.

STEM and Public Speaking

Students will build upon existing public speaking and debate skills to generate quantitative and qualitative arguments about STEM case studies and subject matter.

The class will discuss social issues and identity as they relate to STEM and introduce research processes and methodology in digestible ways.

This class does not require extensive STEM knowledge but will engage and apply analytical thinking to learn about new topics such as designing case studies, gene editing, and data analysis.

Debate and Public Speaking

The ability to communicate and persuade is a critical skill that is essential for future leaders in the 21st century, irreplaceable by machine. Being able to think creatively, analyze issues critically, speak persuasively, and present confidently will bring lifetime benefits.

This course will equip students with the ability to effectively communicate their ideas and provide access to the best public speaking teachers and resources available globally. Students will reflect on a broad range of age-appropriate topics, and will develop a deeper understanding of themselves and of others as they consider real world issues from different perspectives.


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