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Sept 1, 2021



Jul 12, 2021


Educate to Inspire

Jun 25, 2021

【假日專訪】 香港讀書壓力大,為咗應付考試,好多時都著重背誦抄寫,但新式教育著重活動教學,甚至透過辯論等方式建立個人技能

Training Children to be Adaptable Problem Solvers

Jun 24, 2021

My guest on the podcast this week is Rita Pang. Rita is the founder of See Change Education. See Change empowers children to thrive, to be...

GSA UK Girls’ School Expo

Apr 1, 2021

See Change Education joined the GSA UK Girls’ School Expo with the top leading UK boarding schools! We are excited ...

CUHK EMBA Headline Column Interview

Mar 29, 2021

Ms. Rita Pang, Director of See Change Education shared her experience working as an educator and the future development ...

The Greater Bay Area STEM Excellence Award 2020 (Hong Kong)

Mar 29, 2021

Committed to supporting the education of Hong Kong’s students, See Change Education joined the Education Bureau of Hong Kong ....

Interview with Winner of 2020 – Student of the Year

Mar 29, 2021

Rita Pang, Founder of See Change Education, is joined by Dylan Robinson, winner of the 2020 Student of the Year Award (SOTY) ....

Ming Pao Interview

Jan 21, 2021

Our Director, Ms. Rita Pang, was interviewed by Ming Pao to share her hopes and motivations of setting up an education business ...

Metro Finance Interview

Jan 21, 2021

Ms. Rita Pang, our Director, has joined the radio program of Metro Finance to share her views on developing an education business....

Hong Kong Economic Journal Interview

Jan 21, 2021

Ms. Rita Pang, our Director, was interviewed by the Hong Kong Economic Journal earlier to share the development ...

GSA Girls’ UK Boarding School Event

Dec 18, 2020

Rita Pang, our Director, shared how Debate and Public Speaking could be the most sought after skill that’s missing from ....

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