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Parliamentary Debate Competition


Hosted by See Change Education, this is an international competition with over 200 delegates from the Greater Bay Area and the Belt & Road regions. The online event is an exciting opportunity to compete and meet with peers from around the world at a time where physical interactions are limited.

The tournament is part of the American Parliamentary Debate Association circuit and features three categories: Primary, Middle School, and High School. Everyone, including beginners and advanced debaters alike, is welcome to participate, as novelist and advance participants will be divided into separate leagues.


08:00 TO 09:00 AM


Staggered Registration Begins:

1) Upper Primary (UP) – 8:00 – 8:15am

2) Middle School (MD) – 8:15 – 8:30am

3) High School (HS) – 8:30 – 8:75am

*Registration will close at 9:00am, any teams that fail to use the appropriate Team Code risks not being able to proceed. See Change Education reserves the right to disqualify any team that fails to meet the rules and regulations provided.

09:00 TO 09:15 AM

Zoom Opens for Observor

Once Participation Registration is complete, we will open the line for teachers and parents to join as PASSIVE attendees on or after 9:00am.

*Coaches, teachers, and parents WILL NOT be allowed to join the ZOOM line before 9:00am. If you are an observer DO NOT use any of the team codes for your ZOOM username.

09:30 TO 10:30 AM

Semi-Final Begins

Judges will announce results immediately after the round. DO NOT leave the breakout room until you know your result.

11:30 TO 12:00 AM

Final Begins

School Participation & Judge Nomination Award

Judges will announce results immediately after the round. DO NOT leave the breakout room until you know your result.

Announcement of School Participation & Judge’s Nomination Award after all participants return to Main Room.

12:00 TO 12:15 AM


12:30 – 1:00 PM

Award Ceremony
Winner Sharing Session





The Rules

Click to read the rules

1) Judge will reveal the Resolution. 1) Judge will flip a coin to decide which side each team is on.
2) Each team decides for themselves who would like to be the First and Second speaker.
3) First Proposition speaker is in charge of defining the terms in the resolution.
4) No points of information (POI’s) allowed.
5) Times indicated per speech are maximums with a 30 second grace period. There is no minimum time you must meet.
6) Order and timing are as follows (adjusted from traditional Parliamentary timing.):

  • 15 minutes preparation time with your partner in the breakout room
  • First proposition speech: 4 min
  • First opposition speech: 5 min
  • Second proposition speech: 5 min
  • Second opposition speech: 5 min
  • Opposition rebuttal: 3 min
  • Proposition rebuttal: 4 min