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Personal Information Collection Statement


  1. The Company may collect personal data from you for the Purposes (defined below) when you use this website, and the personal data may include, without limitation, your name, home and email addresses, contact number, identity card/passport number, preferences, interests, your child’s current and previous academic background such as school or interest classes, your child’s date of birth 1 and such other personal data that are adequate and necessary for the Purposes (the “Personal Data”).
  2. The Personal Data so collected may be electronically or manually processed or used by the Company for the following purposes (the “Purposes”):
    1. Processing your subscription for courses or application to participate in events that the Company provides or organizes from time to time;
    2. Assignment of applicants to appropriate courses or classes that fit their backgrounds;
    3. Course delivery or event organization;
    4. Managing your account with the Company;
    5. Billing and debt collection;
    6. Research and customer survey;
    7. Communicating with you and handling your enquiries and complaints;
    8. Internal business and administrative purposes;
    9. Verify your identity for admission into our courses and events;
    10. Designing new courses and events provided by us for customer use;
    11. Assisting providers of educational or training services or products in business partnership with the Company (the “Business Partners”) to conduct direct marketing as you may consent to below; and
    12. Attending to other matters directly related to the Purposes.
  3. It is voluntary for you to provide the Personal Data for the Purposes, but it is advisable for you to provide the Personal Data marked with asterisks2 for otherwise, the Company may be thereby rendered unable to fulfil the Purposes.
  4. The Company may, on a confidential basis, transfer the Personal Data to such persons and for such purposes as clarified below:
    1. Data processors engaged by the Company to process or handle the Personal Data on behalf of the Company in connection with the Purposes; and
    2. Providers of services or products engaged by the Company to assist its fulfilment of the Purposes.
  5. For your benefits and commercial purposes, the Company may use the Personal Data for direct marketing of services and products of the Company and the Business Partners and may also transfer the Personal Data to the Business Partners to enable direct marketing of services and products of the Business Partners and the Company. However, the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486) (the “PDPO”) prohibits the Company using or transferring the Personal Data for direct marketing without your explicit consent given on a voluntary basis. So, please indicate whether you give the consent or not by checking the relevant box below:
    [ ] I consent to the use of the Personal Data for direct marketing as requested above. 3
    [ ] I consent to the transfer of the Personal Data for direct marketing as requested above.3
  6. Under the PDPO, you have the right to request access to and correction of the Personal Data. If you wish to exercise such right, please send your written request to our Data Protection Officer at [email protected].
  7. You are strongly recommended to read the Privacy Policy and Practices Statement of the Company available and accessible at
  1. Only the month and year of birth will be collected to enable the Company to assign the applicant to a course of an age group possessing similar academic ability required for the course.
  2. Depending on the purposes of you using this website, the Company may need your provision of certain mandatory personal data essential to the fulfilment of the purposes, and such mandatory personal data will be marked with asterisks at the time of collection.
  3. Your consent is given subject to your opt-out right to request the Company to cease to use or transfer the Personal Data for direct marketing at any time. Such request can be made to our Data Protection Officer at [email protected].