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December newsletter

This edition of our monthly newsletter comes with our best wishes for a very happy 2024 for you and your family!

Read for a recap of our partnership with Cyberport for the Learning & Teaching Expo 2023 and how to join great upcoming events: 5th IPDC, Oxford Schools' Debating Competition, and our Lunar New Year Camps.

Also links to our social media where you can find debate tips and more!

November newsletter

Phase 2 Registrations for the 5th International Parliamentary Debate Competition are now being accepted. All the details and clickable link on Page 3 of this month's newsletter.

Plus ... podcast with Dr. Patrick Lam, Chief Principal, ELCHK Lutheran Academy; student success stories; holiday camp details; and parenting tips!

October newsletter

It's time to mark your calendars for the 5th International Parliamentary Debate Competition to be held online 17 - 18 February 2024. Registrations will open on 1 November 2023 at

Celebrate with See Change Scholars home from the Model United Nations for high school students at the University of Cambridge, learn how to balance sleep and screen time, and more in this issue of our monthly newsletter.

September newsletter

How might you give your child a safe space to explore their curiosity online while providing protection from inappropriate content, cyberbullying and other online safety issues?

In this issue, we explore what parental controls can and cannot do, and how to choose filtering or monitoring software best suited for your child.

Plus: information on free "Hour of Code Hong Kong" tutorials, the upcoming 5th International Parliamentary Debate Competition, and more!

August newsletter

The See Change Model United Nations 2023 was fully concluded in August at the City University of Hong Kong. Students from over 40 secondary schools gathered to discuss various global issues with their peers from Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area. You can click the link to enjoy the competition highlights.

Ever since ChatGPT took the world by storm last November, debates about AI and education have mostly centered around plagiarism and bans. The focus of the conversation is shifting, from AI’s impact on learning to its impact on social connection. Let’s explore the connection between AI and Social Life.

July newsletter

June newsletter

Our focus this month is on children's mental well-being. We often assume social media only amplifies the recent issues created by the pandemic, but the truth is more complicated. Children can use social media and the internet to find mental health information, advice, or support but they can also be at risk for unhealthy behavior online. Check out our newsletter for tips on helping your child balance the risks and rewards of social media.

Looking ahead to the summer holidays, clickable links to register for SCMUN 2023 and the See Change Summer Camps in speech & debate and Model UN - all to develop your child's confidence, articulation and problem-solving skills.

May newsletter

AI's rise leads parents to believe tech-focused education ensures career success. But emerging roles value liberal arts grads with non-technical skills for effective human-AI collaboration. Our newsletter explores the tech-liberal arts intersection.

We will have IPDC & AIM Cup Winners Showcase & Awards Ceremony at ECA Expo on 20 May also. Save the date and we’ll see you there.

Apr newsletter

In our continuing series on new technologies, we look this month at Poe, the mobile app and AI finder that offers access to ChatGPT and other bots.

AIM Cup competition ended successfully. Congratulation to the winners and we will have an award ceremony at ECA Expo in May. Save the date and we’ll see you there.

Mar newsletter

While ChatGPT may be taking the tech world by storm, there is still much about it we don't know. Our March newsletter includes a ChatGPT 101 and answers to questions many parents have on its use by their children. Additionally, with spring in the air, we recommend some local hiking routes for the Easter holidays. So pack your backpacks, put on your hiking shoes, and head out for a family day of health and harmony!

Looking ahead to April, clickable links to register for the AIM Cup Public Speaking Competition and our Easter Holiday Camps.

Feb newsletter

The 4th International Parliamentary Debate Competition 2023 (IPDC) ended successfully last month. Students from 50 schools aged 10 to 18 discussed various topics and global issues with their peers from 8 countries, including the Greater Bay Area and the Belt and Road Regions. Students developed worldviews through exchange with peers and judges from around the world.

Additionally, registration is open for the 3rd AIM Cup (ages 5 – 18) and SCMUN (Secondary Students). Click for key dates and registration. Don’t forget to enjoy the early bird registration for our Easter Holiday Camp.

Dec newsletter

With Christmas just a few days away, people around the world are preparing to celebrate through their own unique traditions. How many unusual Christmas traditions do you know? Our December newsletter introduces twelve of the most unusual, west from Japan and the Philippines to Austria, Germany and Iceland and south to Venezuela ... plus fun Christmas debate topics to add to your family's festivities.

Also, looking ahead to January, clickable links to enter our 4th IPDC Best Motion Awards and early bird registration for our CNY Holiday Camps.

Nov newsletter

With the FIFA World Cup stoking excitement among football fans, debate classes at See Change are discussing issues related to mega-sporting events. See our November newsletter for some key questions being debated, and fun facts about Qatar 2022.

Also, registration is open until Dec 16 for the 4th IPDC for ages 10- 18. Click for key dates and to register.

Oct newsletter

Our 18 students are not only back from the Model UN at Cambridge University: they are back with awards! Report and photographs in our October newsletter here; also in this newsletter, improving your children's reading and writing skills through their favourite comics and graphic novels, and registering for the 4th IPDC scheduled for Jan/Feb 2023.

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Aug & Sep newsletter

Imagine your child participating in an international conference at Oxbridge with peers from around the world! Winners of our Inter-school Model UN Conference SCMUN-2022 were nominated to the Model UN at Cambridge University (CUIMUN-HS). Read our monthly newsletter for our students' SCMUN-2022 experiences, plus our pick of movies that will help develop your child's communication and empathy skills.

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July Newsletter

“Persuasion ... an out-and-out science.” Robert Cialdini, 2017
In his highly-acclaimed 1984 bestseller, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, Robert Cialdini – the seminal expert in the fields of influence and persuasion – describes the psychological process in people when they say “yes” and explains how these insights may be applied ethically in everyday settings......

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June Newsletter

Learning leadership through Model UN! Model United Nations (“Model UN” or “MUN”) is an educational simulation of the procedures of the United Nations through which students learn about diplomacy and international relations, and develop a deeper understanding about current world issues. At a Model UN conference, students act as representatives (“delegates”) of a country and try to solve problems with delegates representing other countries worldwide. Model UN enables delegates to improve their research, public speaking, debating, and writing skills, as well as critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership......

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April & May Newsletter

Congratulations to all See Change students awarded the new and prestigious TQUK-Endorsed Certificate in Debate and Public Speaking (Level 1)! Training Qualifications UK (TQUK) is among the top awarding organizations in the UK recognized by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) - and an endorsed certificate is recognized by schools, colleges and universities to represent world-class quality, in-demand learning, skill, achievement and success in that subject area...

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March Newsletter

Explore history & culture, science & nature, and overseas education this Spring! What do ants and arts, study and play, have in common? The answer is in See Change's monthly newsletter for March. Happy Reading and Happy Easter!

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February Newsletter

Is the metaverse just the newest buzzword in the tech world and media, or will it significantly impact the way our children interact and socialize online in the very near future? This February issue of our newsletter looks at what the metaverse is and how we, as parents and educators, can ensure our children are safe online in this new virtual space. Also, a report on the recently-concluded 3rd International Parliamentary Debate Competition with the Champions and school award winners named.

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January Newsletter

Two of our debate students, Harry Tam and Clarisse Poon, won outstanding student awards in the Kowloon Region and Hong Kong Island contests respectively. Both Harry and Clarisse credited their winning the coveted outstanding student awards to See Change Education’s programs which helped them excel in group discussions and interviews.

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Dec & Nov Newsletter

As the holiday festivities begin, See Change is delighted to announce that one of our star debaters has won an Outstanding Student Award. Congratulations to Harry Tam!
All about Harry's award, and about See Change's community engagement in the Christmas edition of our newsletter.

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October Newsletter

How does BREXIT impact students considering study in the UK? Read our October newsletter for a recap of a guest lecture by Oxford Union Champion, James Dix, and learn how expert debaters present their arguments.
Also in this issue, head start on See Change's Model UN Primer Lecture and X'mas camp, for an edutaining festive season for your children!

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September Newsletter

Read and watch, through our September newsletter, what Ms. Minnie Soo says of her journey to an Olympic bronze medal in team table tennis. Her story is an inspiration not only to aspiring athletes but to anyone who has a dream.

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August Newsletter

What does the OECD say about the future of education? Get the low-down in the August issue of our newsletter.

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July Newsletter

Read our July newsletter to learn about the problem of ‘doxxing’ and how you can protect your child from this form of cyberbullying.

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June Newsletter

Our children face a variety of digital dilemmas every single day. Our June newsletter will help you learn about those dilemmas.

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May Newsletter

Top 5 tips on how you can help your child maximize their online learning!

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