1st International

Public Speaking



See Change Education is proud to host the 1st International Public Speaking Competition on the theme of The Spirit of the Sports.

The competition is open to all students aged 5 – 18. Notably, selected participants will be invited to deliver their speeches at the public celebrations in Hong Kong of the Sports.

The competition also offers scholarship opportunities and global exposure to participants.

Theme: The Spirit of the Sports

AGE 5 – 9
My Favorite Sport
1 – 2 minutes

AGE 10 – 12
What Sports Mean To Me
3 – 4 minutes
AGE 13 – 15
AGE 16 – 18


Deadline: JULY 10 (Saturday)
Submit a video of your speech to pre-qualify for the Competition Finals and to vie for an invitation to the public recitals at Hong Kong’s celebrations of the Sports

Deadline: AUGUST 10 (Tuesday)
Submit a video of your speech to enter the preliminary round of the competition.

Deadline: AUGUST 22 (Sunday)
Finalists will discuss and present on a wide range of topics related to sports including the Sports spirit, fairness and e-sports. All finalists’ videos will be shared in a celebratory special viewing for the public.

Scholarship Opportunities

We provide scholarship opportunities to speaker award winners to receive further training with See Change Education so that they can achieve their potential.

Global Exposure

As a global competition, participants will have the opportunity to collaborate with peers from around the world.

In previous tournaments and events, See Change Education has welcomed 200 participants from six countries including Singapore, The Philippines, Malaysia, China, and the US.

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